Greetings in Christ! I’m writing this article way ahead of time…even before I leave for the convocation. That means you are reading now what I wrote a couple weeks ago, so I can’t tell you for sure that I enjoyed the convocation, but odds are pretty good that Fr. Le and I both enjoyed it very much.

I wanted to point out that On October 2nd, the Church celebrates the Feast of the Guardian Angels, which is a big day for our parish. If you don’t know why that is so, I’ll explain it now. Heck, even if you do know why the Feast of the Guardian Angels is a big deal for our parish, I’m still going to explain it now… On this day in 2019, we were tearing down the section of the Church that you are in now in order to prepare for the new building. The men working on it called us over because the pillars that were holding up the Church had, in many cases, rotted completely through. The roof to our old Church building was not being held up by the pillars, but by the walls, which is an incredibly dangerous thing. On this day in 2019, we found out that God had protected us for who knows how long from a disaster. I decided that, since it was the Feast of Guardian Angels, it was probably our Angels holding that roof up…praise God.

We thanked our Guardian Angels that day and we placed a Guardian Angel medal in the floor of our Church. If you look at the first cross on the floor when you enter the North doors of the main Church area, you are looking at where the medal is.

This is also my Dad’s birthday and I thank God for him. I moved here in 2018 and Dad joined me in January of 2020. Mom had gone to be with the Lord and he wasn’t doing so good on his own. It has been a great joy to me to be with my dad, to love him and be loved by him all this time. I’m so thankful for him. I’m also thankful for you letting me take care of him. I know that means I’m sometimes not at things you’d like me at and I am so grateful that you never complain. You all are God’s gift to me and I am so grateful.

Thank you for letting me be your priest.


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