As you hopefully see, we have our State of the Finance handout in the bulletin this week. It is very important to me that you read this. See how we are doing and what we are doing with the money you entrust to us. Hopefully, you noted that we significantly cut costs here at Holy […]

Greetings in Christ, all! Our move into the heart of Fall continues and I couldn’t be happier about it…I just love this time of year. I wanted to take this space to thank you all for your kindness. I can’t tell you how touched I’ve been at the outpouring of letters and emails offering encouragement […]

Greetings in Christ, all! It was just a few years ago last Thursday that my Mom went to be with the Lord. Of course I am biased, but I think she was extraordinary. I worked for a while on a couple different ideas to share her with you, but in the end, it hit me […]

Greetings in Christ, all! I’ve got a wonderful couple in marriage prep who just returned from Ireland. While there, they went to Nenagh Parish and saw something in the bulletin that they shared with me and I wanted to share it with you. What is a Live Church? A live church has parking problems; a […]

Greetings in Christ, all! I missed you all last week at the Priest’s Convocation. We had a marvelous time and I learned a lot. I want to take this time to share some of the things I learned with you. The focus of a lot of the talks in the beginning was with the consulters […]

Greetings in Christ, my Holy Family! Keeping in mind that I don’t have a ton of space, I’ve got two quick things to hit you with. First, we’ve had quite an influx of people aggressively asking for money at Church. As Jesus lovers, this presents us with a tough moral conundrum: we are called to […]

Greetings in Christ, all! During our construction time, I will need to keep my bulletin articles relatively short so as to leave room for the Mass parts within our bulletin. So, I’ll get right to two important pieces of information: First of all, apparently, when we used the word “demolish” in describing what will happen […]

Greetings in Christ, all! This one is going to be very short, because space is limited. The restoration of our church is moving along very well, please keep those prayers coming! You’ll see we’ve moved the small hall chapel around a bit. We needed more room for our daily Masses and this accomplished that. What […]

Greetings in Christ! Wow…praise God for our first weekend praying Masses in the Hall. I was touched by your joyful and faithful response. I want to share some highlights from the three Masses I prayed: The Sound: Oh my Lord, the sound was amazing! I could hear all the readings and while I loved our […]

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