Greetings in Christ! We continue our journey through Advent. This is a good moment to pause and refocus our hearts and minds on the upcoming celebration of his birth and to prepare ourselves for His second coming.  This week we celebrate two big occasions all in one. December 12th is the anniversary of the dedication […]

Let’s start by talking about the Giving Tree. Every year a trusted agency gives us tags to put on a tree in the gathering area. Each tag contains a name and a Christmas gift idea/recommendation. The goal is for us to take a tag and buy a present for that underprivileged child so that they can […]

Happy Thanksgiving, all! Today (and everyday!) I thank Jesus for you all. I simply love praying with you and for you. There are times as a priest where I might struggle with what the Church asks of me, but no matter how worried I get, I know I’ll find joy when we pray Mass together. I […]

Greetings in Christ, all! Just a short note this week… First, please keep Fr. Le in your prayers. He left a week ago today to spend time with his family after they suffered a death. Pray that God fills him with joy and strength and pray for his return: I can’t imagine adjusting to that big of […]

Greetings in Christ! Please forgive me for missing the bulletin deadline last week; I was struggling to keep up in what proved to be a wild one. This weekend, after his last Mass, Fr. Le will be heading home to Fiji for a bit. He’s going there to help his Mom, as their family took a pretty […]

Greetings in Christ, all! This weekend we hear about Jesus and the Census Tax. The Census tax was a flat tax levied once a year on all Non-Roman Citizens within the Roman Empire. You had to pay it with a specific type of coin, a coin that had the image of the current Emperor (although they […]

Greetings in Christ, Holy Family! I wanted to start off and thank you all for your many kind words, cards and prayers after my dog, Marius, died. I was pleasantly shocked by your response. He really was a blessing to me and I will miss him, but I know I did the right thing getting him […]

Greetings in Christ! The priest’s convocation went really well. I was only able to stay a day and a half, as we had a couple deaths, but the days I was there were extraordinary. We had two presenters and both were outstanding. One of them really pounded the idea of Trusting God as a key to resisting temptation: […]

Greetings in Christ! I’m writing this article way ahead of time…even before I leave for the convocation. That means you are reading now what I wrote a couple weeks ago, so I can’t tell you for sure that I enjoyed the convocation, but odds are pretty good that Fr. Le and I both enjoyed it very much. […]

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