Greetings in Christ, all! Every year we raise money for our school in a couple ways. The auction is a big one for us! Last year we had to forgo it, but this year, we simply can’t afford to. So, what are we doing to make sure it’s fun for all? A Virtual Auction! I’m […]

Greetings in Christ, all! I hope we are ready to start getting back into the habit of reading the bulletin. I know it’s been over a year and as much as we try to get info to everyone, it’s tough without the bulletin. If you are reading this during my homily, I have no problem with […]

Greetings in Christ, all! I got hit pretty hard with the allergies this week, I think. No fever or anything, but an absolute meltdown of my sinuses and I lost my ability to speak for a bit. I’m just assuming that is an answer to at least some of your prayers (haha). Anyway, it’s no big deal. I get […]

Hello, Everyone! I want to take some time to thank you with all my heart for your loving encouragement during my time away. It’s hard for me to leave…I’m very “work” oriented and the fact that so many of you encouraged me to go and celebrated that I took time away was a blessing. I thank you! […]

My Faith Journey to Holy Family Parish Ni Bula Vinaka!! (Greetings) Interesting questions were asked, what brought you here, Fr.? What makes you leave your beautiful home land of the Fiji Islands to be up here in the cold Grand Blanc, Michigan? I can boldly say it’s all God’s doing. If God did not Will […]

Greetings in Christ! Words can’t begin to describe how incredibly lucky we are to have Fr. Le here as our priest. He has been a blessing to me and all of us in many, many ways. As you may know, Fr. Le comes from Fiji and recently the islands have been hit by three back-to-back […]

Well…Lent is just a couple days away…can you believe it? This January/February stretch is moving like a freight train! This year Fr. Le and I chose the theme “Memento Mori: Remember your death” for Lent. This idea is not meant to be morbid, but to focus on living for the eternal. It has been a common slogan in […]

Greetings in Christ! This article is a kind of “plan ahead” type thing…I am so excited about the events at our Parish this summer that I’d like to give you a snapshot of what we are going to do as a Parish to celebrate. So, let’s start with this huge news: The 75th anniversary of […]

Greetings in Christ, all! If you can believe it, we are entering Catholic School Week for 2021…wow! This is a great time for me to thank you all for your sacrifice and love. Having a school as a part of our parish means ridiculous blessings and wonderful challenges and, simply put, our school would not exist […]

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Saturday – 8:00 a.m. and vigil at 5 p.m.

Sunday – 8 a.m., 10 a.m., 12 p.m. and seasonal evening Mass:

7 p.m. Memorial Day weekend in May to Labor Day weekend in September

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