Greetings in Christ, all! This weekend we hear about Jesus and the Census Tax. The Census tax was a flat tax levied once a year on all Non-Roman Citizens within the Roman Empire. You had to pay it with a specific type of coin, a coin that had the image of the current Emperor (although they didn’t call them emperor, we do) and some sort of inscription. Here is an image of the specific coin Jesus would likely have been holding when the story occurred:

As you can imagine, Jews did not like these coins for three reasons: one, they were paying their oppressors. Two, it broke their understanding of the commandment forbidding graven images. Three, it indicates that the Emperor was divine. I thought you might find this interesting.

This week, Tuesday is the anniversary of my Mother’s death. I think she would be so happy that we are together here at Holy Family and St. Mark. She always wanted me to be happy and surrounded by good people and I sure am. Thank you for that. I’m such a blessed man to love God with you.

My audiologist is a couple hours away and I have an appointment with her on Thursday, so I after I pray our 8 am here I will spend some time at St Mark, do a teaching, then head to the audiologist appointment and end the day with a visit and talk at St. Anthony of Padua in Grand Rapids.

Beyond that, it’s another normal crazy busy blessed week here at Holy Family. Thank you all for letting me be your priest. I’m so grateful for you.


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