Questions and Answers with Msgr. Vincke
The recent fourth grade class at Holy Family School sent me a
list of questions to answer. I couldn’t answer all of them for this
bulletin article. Thank you to the teachers, Miss McGee and
Mrs. Arnes, and the students for their questions.


What Church did you used to be at? Where did you serve before going to Rome?
I was ordained a priest in 1999. I became the associate pastor at St. Thomas the Apostle in Ann Arbor for two years. After that Bishop Mengeling asked me to become the first director of Bethany House, our diocesan youth center in DeWitt. I did that for three years. During my last year of serving in DeWitt, I was also asked to serve as the vocation director for the diocese. The following year I became the vocation director full time, and then a year later I also added the responsibility of being the formation director for the diocese with duties of overseeing the lay, diaconate and priestly formation programs. By the way, Fr. Jon Perrotta, Fr. Gary Koenigsknecht, Deacon Peter Lawrence, and former seminarian interns at Holy Family, Fr. Paul Erickson and Brian Lenz, all entered the seminary while I was the vocation director. I have a lot of respect for them. In 2010 I was asked to serve in Rome as a spiritual director at the Pontifical North American College.

What’s Rome like? Did you meet the Pope?
Rome is fascinating, never boring, and the food and wine are really good! I lived about a seven-minute walk from St. Peter’s Basilica, and we had a beautiful view of Rome from our rooftop at the College. I enjoyed working at the North American College. It houses 250 seminarians from all over America (and a few from Canada and Australia) who are training to be priests. I was part of the formation/faculty that helped form seminarians to be priests, which is a great privilege.

Yes, I met Pope Francis, about a month after he became the pope. He is very kind, with a big smile and an open heart. I also met Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI too. Both were very short conversations.

How many siblings do you have? Where did you grow up?
Like Fr. Gary, I am one of ten children in my family. I am the ninth. I have six older brothers and three sisters. Some of my brothers work for General Motors. My father worked at Buick for 35 years. I grew up in Maple Grove, in between Chesaning and New Lothrop, on a small farm.

What’s your favorite food? Music? Church Song? Bible story? What kind of hobbies do you like? Do you have any pets? Michigan or Michigan State?
My favorite foods are any veggies from the garden; I especially love tomatoes. Most of the music I listen to now is Christian music. My favorite song is “I am Amazed by You.” It’s a song about being amazed how much God loves us. My favorite Bible story is the Prodigal Son. My favorite hobbies are doing outdoor work, reading a bit, being with priest friends, and playing sports. I have no pets. As far as UM-MSU goes, do I really have to answer that?

Are you happy about coming to Holy Family Parish?
Absolutely. I am thrilled. I feel like I am following some remarkable pastors and have some big shoes to fill. I never met Fr. Bush, but everyone knows what a wonderful job he did in starting this parish. I have a lot of respect for Fr. Swiat. He is a kind and generous servant. And I consider Fr. Ken to be a friend. He was a big support to me while I was in the seminary. My sister’s family attended his parish in Pinckney and loved him. And Fr. Jon did an incredible job this past year.

I was able to enjoy and see many fascinating sites in Rome and in Europe. But at the same time, people are so much more beautiful and interesting. I look forward to serving you. Be assured of my constant prayers for Holy Family Parish.

How would you like to be addressed?
Well, I make my mom call me Msgr. Vincke (just kidding!). Either Monsignor Jerry or Monsignor Vincke will be fine.

Msgr. Vincke

Monday – 6:30 a.m.

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