from Fr. Jonathan:
Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We are all aware of the great love so many of us have for Fr. Ken, and there is great gratitude over his priesthood and the fact that he is back in ministry in our diocese. There is also in our parish sorrow that his ministry is no longer as our pastor. Since his new assignment, many parishioners have been hoping and even petitioning for Fr. Ken to be reassigned here as our pastor in July. I thought it would be helpful if our bishop would speak to us now on this subject, and he agreed. The following is a letter from our Bishop Boyea:

Many of you have written to me concerning Fr. Ken Coughlin. Your pain, your anger, your hurt are all very evident. And clearly, much of this is directed my way. I apologize for the hurt which I have caused you. There has been a great deal which has occurred not only in the life of your parish, but also in Fr. Ken’s life over this past year. This has been very difficult for all.

Ultimately, of course, the decisions regarding the leadership of any of our parishes rests with the bishop. No decisions are ever perfect. However, they are my responsibility. Having been deeply involved in Father’s treatment and ongoing care, it is clear to me that Father will best be served by engaging in a new parish this coming summer. I believe that this is also best for Holy Family Parish.

Certainly, your prayers are asked for him and for all the clergy of the Diocese of Lansing, especially for your future pastor. This is the time of year when we begin the process of open assignments. These are open to all the priests of the Diocese of Lansing who may wish to apply, including for the pastorate at your parish. Any applications are then discussed by the Priest Assignment Committee in the coming months. This and other assignments in the diocese will take effect on July 1, 2015. You should be able to anticipate the arrival of your new pastor on that date. I again give great thanks to Fr. Jonathan and Fr. Gary for their loving service to all of you.
Bishop Boyea
Published in the January 25, 2015 parish bulletin

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