We Need You…and an important update

I mentioned that we have begun our search for a new principal. As we begin this process, I am reminded of the exemplary job Michael McGonigle has done as our principal and Theresa Purcell as our Assistant Principal, and I want to thank them for all they have done for us and our children. I am deeply grateful for their leadership in our school and parish this past year. Many of you have expressed to me your gratitude for the work I have done here. I hope you all know that Mike and Theresa are a big part of what is going on at our parish. If I have “looked good” these past months, it is because they have made my job easy. Thank you, Mike and Theresa.

As you well know, this is an important position in our parish and school. This position of leadership requires not only great skills in administration, communication and education, but also a passionate love for God and His Church. I need your help. Our parish needs your help. We need your prayers each day, especially to Mary, that God would send us the right principal, the woman or man who will build on all of the great things that are happening here and help our school to grow, spiritually, morally, intellectually and culturally.

I will try to keep everyone abreast of the latest developments. Right now we are accepting applications. In March I will be forming a hiring committee to help advise myself and Msgr. Vincke, and my goal is that by early May we will know who our next principal will be. In all of this we will have the constant support of Bill Haley (executive director of Genesee County Catholic Schools) and Sean Costello (Assistant Superintendent of Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Lansing).

(click here for job description on diocese website)

If we rely on God, we can be certain that we will receive the person God wants, in the way he wants, when he wants, and that this will be a great blessing for us. So let’s rely on God. Thank you in advance for your prayers and support.

Fr. Jonathan

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